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Slope Stabilisation

The Viaduct Bar Carpark Stabilisation. County Cork

The Viaduct Bar Carpark Stabilisation. County Cork


Gabion Retaining Wall Embankment. The Viaduct Bar, Bandon Road, Co. Cork


The Viaduct Bar


Contract Details

Cumnor Construction Ltd. carried out the role of Works Contractor and PSCS for this project.

The project involved the installation of stone filled gabion retaining wall baskets over a length of 95m to protect an embankment previously damaged by a flooding event.

The works were carried out within a busy car park. The existing watercourse was diverted for the duration of the works in liaison with the Inland Fisheries and local authorities. The water bed was prepared for installation of Gabion Baskets. Stone Filled Gabion Baskets and Reno Mattress Gabion Baskets were installed and formed to match existing profile. Back-filling behind the Gabion Baskets with suitable stone was carried out. Drainage pipework was installed through the newly formed retaining wall as well as a Geotech layer and topsoil was added.

Additional work included the construction of earthen berms, the reinstatement of  tarmac to the car park and the diverting of the water back to its original route.