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Slope Stabilisation

Ardmore Slope Stabilisation

Ardmore Slope Stabilisation


Ardmore Seawall Slope Stabilisation Works, Co Waterford.


Waterford County Council



Contract Details

Cumnor Construction Ltd carried out the role of Works Contractor and PSCS for this project.All specialised work including the installation of soil nails/ground anchorages and the application of spray applied concrete to the walls and slopes was carried out directly by Cumnor Construction.

This contract required particular environmental control procedures to be implemented so as not to contaminate the sea water which was present at the foot of the slope. A temporary platform had to be constructed to a level above the highest tide while the work was carried out. This was constructed using rock armouring and netting. Runoff was prevented from entering the water while carrying out the grouting and shotcrete works.

The existing slope face was cleared of all vegetation and loose material. The face of the slope was cut back and graded for the full height so that the toe of the shotcrete rests on the rock and was supported for its full height by the rock.

Fifty-three self-drilling hollow bar soil nail anchorages were installed and were proof tested. Drainage was required to the cliff front face behind the shotcrete. Additional drainage to the body of the cliff soil required drilling into the cliff face and installation of uPVC drains. Shotcrete was applied to the cliff face and was coloured to help blend into the surrounding cliff. The shotcrete was reinforced in its centre using two layers of 2.4mm galvanised triple twist wire mesh.