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Rock Stabilisation Works At Plunkett Station, Waterford

Rock Stabilisation Works At Plunkett Station, Waterford

Cumnor just successfully completed this public works contract for Waterford City and County Council and Iarnród Éireann. The rock face formed the south flank of the Mount Misery hill, with lower sections cut in Victorian times for the purpose of accommodating the railway infrastructure. The length of the rock face to which remedial works were planned was approximately 400m. The rock face is up to 60m high in total, very steep in places, including sub-vertical parts at the toe.

The scope of works consisted of;

  • Clearance and disposal of vegetation over the rock face;
  • Establishment of site compound and safe area of work in vicinity of Irish Rail line;
  • Establishment of any temporary works area at the top of the slope in Irish Rail lands. The access to this area was with hoists from the rail track level.
  • Scaffold, plant and rope access to cliff face to complete the works; Installation of rock bolts, rockfall protection netting and catch fences;
  • Construction of reinforced and unreinforced earth berms and rock traps.
  • Construction of a drainage system involving horizontal drains, interceptor ditch, chute pipe and intake, energy dissipation manhole, manholes and buried drainage;