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Bridge Construction & Repair

5 Bridges in County Kilkenny & County Laois

5 Bridges in County Kilkenny & County Laois


Kilkenny and Laois Bridge Rehabilitation Programme


Kilkenny County Council



Contract Details

Cumnor Construction Ltd. carried out the role of Works Contractor and PSCS for this project.

The contract involved the construction of retaining walls, the replacement of missing capping stones, grouting, repointing and repairs to the existing masonry, scour protection to the river bed as well as the construction and realignment of footpaths and carriageway.  Fencing, pedestrian guard rails and road safety barrier systems were also installed.

Other works carried out as part of this contract included the relocation and protection of existing services, devegetation of road retaining walls and the adjacent river banks, demolition works and the removal of debris in the river from under and around the structure.

The bridges were located on national primary routes on the N77 & N78. Consequently, the works involved traffic management, crossovers, safety zones, temporary safety barriers, safety signage, lane restrictions, temporary lighting and diversions. Temporary Traffic Management Plans were designed in-house and submitted to the Kilkenny County Council and the National Roads Authority (NRA) for approval prior to the work commencing.

A water management plan was prepared to enable works to proceed without negative impact on the watercourse. All Department of the Marine & Natural Resources guidelines for working over and within water in such conditions were complied with. The sites were in areas designated as Special Areas of Conservation. Consequently, the works were under constant supervision by the Inland Fisheries Board.