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Bridge Construction & Repair

Repair to Pier & Slipway at Garnish Island, County Cork

Contract Details

Cumnor Construction Ltd. carried out the role of Works Contractor and PSCS for this project.

The project involved remedial work to the pier and slipway. The pier remained open for the duration of the project with the work carried out in stages in liaison with the ferry operators. The contract was completed in an environmentally sensitive area. All plant and tools to carry out the work were transported to the site by ferry barge each day.

The work included high-pressure power cleaning of all marine-based vegetation. The existing damaged stone masonry cladding was removed and replaced with new masonry stone. Existing stone was used where possible. Soil nails were installed along the slipway and grouted into position. Reinforced steel was installed around these soil nails and concrete was poured to form a new reinforced concrete beam to the edge of the slipway.

The existing masonry stonework was replaced and stainless steel mooring rings were installed into the newly formed surface. Grouting was carried out and fenders were erected to the side of the slipway using stainless steel fixings.


Repair Work to the Pier and Slipway at Garnish Island, Glengarriff, County Cork

Client: Office of Public Works
Year: 2014

7 Bridges in County Cork

Contract Details

Cumnor Construction Ltd. carried out the role of Works Contractor and PSCS for this project.

The contract involved carrying out work to 7 bridges on regional and local roads.

The work involved the demolition and installation of precast culverts as well as insitu concrete works such as rubbing strips, grouting and guniting. Rock Armour was added. Existing services were protected throughout the works.  Additional works included repointing and vegetation clearance as well as the installation of concrete scour aprons, stainless steel ties and rubbing strips.

In order to carry out these works, traffic management plans were designed and implemented. These plans were designed in house and submitted to Cork County Council for approval prior to works commencing.

The works were carried out in liaison with The Fisheries Board and adequate measures were put in place to protect the river from pollution.

A licence was granted for the work that was carried out in a bridge inhabited by a protected species of bats. The NPWS were notified prior to the work commencing and the activities were supervised by the NPWS Conservation Ranger and an Ecologist.


Cork North and East Bridge Rehabilitation

Client: Cork County Council
Year: 2014