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Conservation Of The Triumphal Arch. Doneraile Court Estate, County Cork

Conservation Of The Triumphal Arch. Doneraile Court Estate, County Cork


Conservation work to The Triumphal Arch at Doneraile Court Estate. Doneraile, County Cork.


Office of Public Works


Contract Details

Cumnor Construction Ltd. carried out the role of Works Contractor and PSCS for this project.

The conservation works on this national monument was subject to regular inspection by The Office of Public Works Consultant Archaeologist

The project comprised of the renovation of the existing triumphal arch entrance and associated site work. This included the dismantling of the entire masonry entrance gateway and parts of the adjacent wing walls to facilitate the construction of a new concrete foundation founded on rock to support the rebuilt entrance gateway structure.

The entrance gateway and wing wall was rebuilt to its original form. The existing wing walls and capping stones were repointed. The existing limestone kerb outside the entrance gates was replaced. Surface treatment of the area around the entrance gates was carried out. Hard landscaping (bollards) were installed to protect the completed works.

This work was sensitive to the general public as the area inside the entrance gates is a public park with pedestrians and traffic on the roads and pathways throughout the site.